Italian formal garden at the Del Gallo estate

Hackert’s ideal view and Horace’s path

The new aesthetics of 18th century art are to be found in nature.

Part of the parkland around the castle is the countryside of the summer villa of the Latin poet Horace. According to the German Painter Jacob Phillip Hackert (1737-1807), these rural landscapes were the new ideal view to paint and draw (Ideallandschaft) at the time.

One of these views covers the gentle slope containing the ruins of the ancient Roman settlement of Pagus Mandela, the Cyclopic walls, Horace’s walk, part of his farms and the ruins of a Roman villa.

Hackert’s point of view is similar to that of Horace taken near the Licenza river, where the poet used to enjoy bathing and walking in summer. This part of the parkland has been left untouched except for the paths leading to the river Licenza and the farm roads which are useful for us walking on today.

Opposite the church of St Vincent Ferrer, a stone folly was built, the Torre Giulia, in honour of Julie so that she and other members of her literary salon could enjoy the view.

Horace's path, leading to the Poet's villa, is currently under restoration.