Cascade of Tivoli

There are plenty of things that you can do at the Castle.

A few ideas...

Sport & Nature
Mandela, on top of Rome

Rafting, horse riding and archery: these are only a part of our proposals.

Mandela is surrounded by national parks which make every sport charming and interesting. Rivers, hills, mountains, natural parks close to the Castle and full of archaeology might be a special place for your dynamic amusement.

But a gentle walk in the countryside would be a healthy practice, as well; an ancient poet taught us that it can be worth a try.

The Del Gallo estate

Explore the Aniene Valley, cradle of European Culture and of Western monasticism, along the many paths of ancient history and with an incredible concentration of works of art.

Visit Tivoli, with the superb Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana (Hadrian's Villa). Or Subiaco, with its frescoes in the "Rocca Borgia" and, above the town, the monasteries of St. Benedict (5th century AD); and look at the swallows flying around the mystic memory of the Saint.

And of course, Rome is there, close enough to let you easily enjoy the infinite treasures of the Eternal City. Galleries, libraries, archives, museums, monuments, events, concerts: whatever your interests, you should find excellent opportunities for your cultural discovery of the "Urbs" (how ancient Romans called their city) at 20 minutes from the nearest metro station to Rome.

Italy at your coffee table and Italian style

Genuine home made meals in family run restaurants, good coffee and fantastic gelato is what you can get at a stone’s throw around the castle. Try Nino's pub, or Coroni in via San Cosimato.

And if you are looking for olive oil, this is one of the things we produce at Horace's Gardens: the "Extravergine of Mandela".

But Italy is also fashion, and certainly you might appreciate how many opportunities and resources can be found about Italian elegance in Roman boutiques and in any local "sartoria" (tailor's shop) as well as the fashion outlets. Best of all, there is a made-to-measure tailor's shop for men's suits and shirts 15 minutes away at Carsoli.


Yes, just relax and enjoy the beauty of the location and the purity of nature.

Relax at  Parco di Orazio

Take your time for a rest and restore yourself within the comfortable spaces of Horace's Gardens.