Il Castello dei del Gallo di Roccagiovine

Welcome to the Castle of Mandela. Welcome to Horace's Gardens.

The site has ancient origins; in Ancient Roman times the Latin poet Horace used to relax in these valleys along the Aniene and the Licenza rivers which border part of the parkland.

The Castle lies within an olive growing farming estate, in the heart of the Tivoli Grand Tour area, near Hadrian’s Villa, Villa d’Este and Villa Gregoriana, only half an hour from Rome.
The town of Mandela also lies on the Pilgrims’ Ways of Saint Benedict and Saint Francis, on the road to Subiaco and Rome.
Characteristic are the beautifully restored 17th century Church, the Romantic gardens and French landscaped woods, with paths and open spaces; and the archives, for the use of University and Museum research.

Art and culture have always dwelt here.

The German painter Jakob Philipp Hackert (1737-1807), painted some of his most beautiful landscapes here, as Goethe reports in his biography.
And the French Camille Corot left us a splendid drawing of The Gardens of Horace..

In the 19th Century, the Castle hosted Julia Bonaparte’s famous literary salon, where she entertained the leading European intellectuals and artists of the time, as well as the youth of the European aristocracy on their Grand Tour. The house has remained largely untouched ever since.

The Castle of Mandela is a member of ADSI (Association of Italian stately homes), of Grandi Giardini Italiani and of APGI (Association of Parks and Gardens of Italy). The Gardens have been selected by the Italian Touring Club, and are included in the 2019 Guide "Gardens of Latium".