Italian formal garden at the Del Gallo estate

In the 19th century Alessandro del Gallo and Julie Bonaparte uprooted some olive trees just beneath the castle and planted this romantic wood, probably in the French style, in its place.

While the naturally landscaped garden behind the castle, in Hackert’s ideal view, was meant to remain as it was except for the new borders of trees, and without doing practically any earth work at all within it, the Romantic wood was planted from scratch to create a completely new atmosphere for summer enjoyment, with paths and open spaces, protected by the leaves and branches of the trees filtering the sun light. ​

This wood has its own delightful microclimate, which we can still appreciate today in the Italian summer, and where Scouts still camp today.

There is another little wood beside the Romantic wood, just below the huge stone walls under the Belvedere: The Children's Garden.