Horace's oil

Our "Extra Virgin" olive oil

Here are the official panel test results performed by the Rome Chamber of Commerce Laboratory on our olive oil of the 2018/2019 harvest:

«Olive oil as having
      “mature fruit-flavour aromas, both smooth and lightly piquant at the same time, on the whole a balanced oil”.
Classified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.»

Our oil is therefore an 'Extra Virgin Olive Oil' having less than 0.7% content of oleic acid (it only has 0.3% ~ 0.4%).

Less that 0.7% Acidity. True 'Extra Virgin'.

The 2018/2019 harvest panel-test results classify our Extra Virgin Olive oil at a range of 0.3%~0.4% content of oleic acid, which is extremely important.

Low acidity can obtained exclusively by pressing the olives the same day of the harvest, (maximum within 24 hours) which is what we actually do. The rapidity of this process ensures that the oil extracted, (without alteration of temperature and without use of chemicals), has the lowest level of oleic acid.

Only if the level is 1% or below 0.7% it can be classified Extra Virgin olive oil.
Acidity has nothing to do with freshness or flavour or the so-called “acidity of the taste”!

NO pesticide used

We do not need to use pesticide on our plants because Mandela's cold winters kill the olive fruit fly naturally. This is probably why the Monks chose to cultivate here since the early Middle Ages.

The relatively higher altitude of the valley, compared to the plains, where the olive fruit fly frequently occurs and is the main source of damage to olive cultivation, means that we can get rid of this widespread insect with no need for chemical practices.

Tradition, experience, Nature.

These results were not achieved in a day.

The care in the cultivation of the olive orchards, choosing the right point of ripeness for picking the olives to be milled within the same day, and the constant quality control, have been the local method and traditional technique for centuries, well before European legislation came in. This is why, with the help of Nature, this product is premium quality and we are eager to suggest you to give it a try.

You can buy now our Olive oil. And of course, if you wish you can come test it yourself on place.